Remembrance Services

Former RN and RAF chaplain with strong connections with various ex service organisations...

Father Nicholas, as a former RN and RAF chaplain, has connections with various ex-service organisations and is happy to carry out remembrance ceremonies for many types of events, for example, Remembrancetide or for other anniversaries such as Battle of Britain Sunday, Trafalgar Day or reunions.

Father Nicholas is a member of the Royal British Legion, The Royal Air Forces Association, The Type 42 Association and the HMS BIRMINGHAM Association.

Because of his great passion for military history, he is also a paid-up member of the following historical associations:

  • The Western Front Association
  • The Somme Association
  • Gallipoli Association

He has led pilgrimages to the Battlefields of the Somme and Flanders and conducted remembrance ceremonies at home and in Europe.

He has led remembrance ceremonies for the South African Legion of Military Veterans at Noordwijk in the Netherlands for the past two years, the dedication of the Standard of the SA Legion at the South African cenotaph in Richmond, as well as commemoration services for the Memorable Order of Tin Hats (MOTHS) in London and Hertfordshire.

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